Questions and Answers

Q: Can anyone really start a pressure washing/cleaning business?  I have no experience in any type of manual labor/outdoor/contractor business.

A: Yes, anyone can start a pressure cleaning business!  All it takes is a desire to want to learn this business and the ability to read everything I’ve laid out for you.  This is a booming business in nearly every community all across the world.

Q: How much money can I REALLY make running a pressure cleaning business?

A: You can make up to $1500 per week easily running a full time pressure cleaning business.  As long as you have the desire and you’re willing to work you can make it in this business.

Q: Is this book difficult to understand?

A: No, this course is very easy to follow and has a large amount of pictures to help you thoroughly understand every step. There should be no reason why you cannot get out there and start your own pressure cleaning business after reading my course.

Q: What if I don’t understand an aspect of what the course is teaching me, can I ask questions?

A: Yes! I am here waiting to answer any questions you may have.  All you need to do is simply e-mail me.

Q: When will the username and password for be given to me?  How long does the membership last?

A: You will be given the login name and password for immediately after payment.  The membership will last for lifetime.

Q: What about the super tip bonus, when will this item be mailed to me?

A: The super tip will be mailed the next business day after payment is confirmed for the course.

Q: Will this information ever become outdated? If the course is updated will I be eligible for an update?

A: No!  We will update this course if there are any major updates.  You will always be eligible for a 100% free update.

Q: Do I receive this product in the mail or over the internet?

A: You will receive the product directly after payment. We ensure immediate delivery after payment has been confirmed.  The Super Tip item will be mailed to you the business day after your payment is received.

Q: I do not want to pay online, do you accept cashiers checks or money orders?

A: Yes! We can accept cashiers checks or money orders.  E-mail us to start your order via cashiers check or money order today!